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The skeleton, made up of all the body's bones, provides strength, stability, and a frame for muscles to work against in producing movement. Bones protect delicate internal organs and store important minerals. Skeletal muscles work together with bones to provide the power that enables us to move; tendons attach muscles to bones; ligaments surround joints and connect one bone to another.

To maintain muscoloskeletal health you need to keep bones, muscles and joints strong and flexible. The minerals, calcium, magnesium & zinc are important, as are the supplements green tea & fish oil.

Primary Product for Body Frame Health

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FrameEssentials AIM Frame Essentials
Contains of glucosamine complex blended with MSM and boswellin extract. This unique formula provides you with an all-around product to maintain healthy joints and help battle osteoarthritis.
Your Price USD$ 30.00

CalciAIM is a natural citrus drink mix that provides several nutrients crucial to proper skeletal function and overall wellness.
Your Price USD$ 38.00

Complementary Products for Body Frame Health

BarleyLife AIM BarleyLife Powder
A premium green barley juice, helps maintain all cells, including joint, bone and muscle.
Your Price USD$ 56.00

Renewed Balance AIM Renewed Balance
A natural body cream, contains natural plant derived ingredients.
Your Price USD$ 35.00

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